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Kamal Haasan Roasted Azeem Again, Chance For Red Card?

Azeem In Bigg Boss Tamil6 6

Azeem started shouting at will as usual when the fire he had lit took hold. It is reported that Dhanalakshmi will get evicted this week.

While the fans are clamouring to evict Shivin because he said 'Vada Dei' again, on the other hand, the fans are enjoying the first and second promos in which Kamal is roasting Azeem.

Kamal warned Azeem in the first week and said that if he did this from now on, I would give him a red card. The fans started clapping who heard Kamal saying he should also talk to Azeem this week in the first promo.

In the second promo, Kamal Haasan had a tight talk with Azeem about his way of talking towards Vikraman in the recent episode. As usual, Azeem stood as an innocent kid in front of Kamal Haasan. The audience was clapping loud when host Kamal roasted Azeem.