Kamal Haasan Says Do Not Worry About Daily Routine in his Awareness Video

Kamal Haasan Coronavirus Awareness Video
Kamal Haasan Coronavirus Awareness Video

Prevention is better than cure, Kamal Hasan on CoVid-19. Quarantine and social distancing are the two words echoing nowadays all around the world. Yes, when a medicine is in those words, why not spread them?

More than the World Health Organisation and government organizations, it's now celebrities who board on CoronaVirus missions.  Actor and Makkal Neethi Maiyam leader Kamal Hasan have released a Twitter video recently stating the dos and don'ts of CoVid to his followers and the general public around the State.

The man himself opened the video boldly in his usual style and advised people not to neglect the situation without knowing the seriousness of CoronaVirus.

Kamal also quoted people "Do not worry about the daily routine life and frustrate the mind regarding school fees, provisions, and other days to day activities. The condition is worse than you think, and social distancing is the only medicine available to break the CoVid chain".

CoVid has been an eye-witness in many countries like China, Italy, Iran, and Spain, where the number of deaths roasts people in fear around the world.

Politician cum actor Kamal insists people on Social distancing and to avoid close contact with your friends and public life. Instead, he advises people to engage in reading books, watching movies, engage in online courses like cooking, etc. and find you in the available quarantined time. The ever-talented plus knowledgeable man evokes people to indulge in the activities resting in the home rather than walking over directly.

Also, he humbly requests everyone to be a responsible citizen and avoid meeting or gathering in public places."Prevention is better than cure"-As we already know the disparities prevailing in the 4th and 5th week of CoronaVirus from many countries; Meanwhile India is in the fourth week of CoVid outbreak, and Kamal insists everybody be safe inside the home rather getting complicated by ourselves by exposing to the death chain.