Karu Palaniappan Quits Tamizha Tamizha Show? Reason

Karu Palaniappan
Karu Palaniappan

Director Karu Palaniappan has left the Tamizha Tamizha show telecasted in Zee Tamil.

Karu Palaniappa is a television host and a director. He is a very familiar television personality. The audience well received his hosting in Tamizha Tamizha show. 

Now he has announced that he is leaving the private television show. In this regard, on his birthday today, he posted, "Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday from somewhere! Love!! Kisses!!!

The love of faceless friends and teachers' knowledge guide me to make bold decisions. HJe tweeted, "The journey of four years "Tamilya Tamilya" with ZeeTamil has come to a sweet end! If the words of social justice, self-respect, Dravidian are bittersweet, it is sweet to end that journey!


If the rhetoric of social justice, self-respect, and Dravidianism is bittersweet, the journey's end is sweet. Let's meet soon on a wider platform to be the voice of the common man."