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Kasethan kadavulada (2023) Movie Review Starring Shiva And Priya Anand

Kasethan kadavulada Movie

Kasethan kadavulada starring Shiva, Priya Anand, and Yogi Babu in the lead, was expected to be released on March 24, but due to financial issues, there seems to be a delay.

It is a remake of the 1972 Tamil film Kasethan kadavulada. The movie story is about Ramu, Babu and Ramu's cousin, who collaborate to steal money from Ramu's stepmother. The main concept of the film is money. Shiva brings up plans to loot the money from Ramu's stepmother.

Kasethan kadavulada is directed by R. Kannan. Shiva, Priya Anand, Yogi Babu, Urvashi, Karunakaran, Sivaangi Krishnakumar, Pugazh, Thalaivasal Vijay, Manobala and VTV Ganesh has done the lead role in the movie Kasethan kadavulada. The music is composed by Raj Pratap. The production companies are Masala Pix and MKRP Productions.