Kavin is beaten-up by his friend Video highlighting disappointments in Bigg Boss House

Kavin is beaten-up by his friend in Bigg Boss House
Kavin is beaten-up by his friend in Bigg Boss House

The entire audience is awaiting Kavin's family moment in Bigg Boss house. Of course, reasons are there as Kavin's mother was arrested along with two of her acquaintances on a money laundering case. Hence everyone is expecting, who will be the one to visit Kavin? Will, they let out the information to him? And the sequences later to that. In today's promo, it is shown that one of his friends appeared in the house.

He was looking casual talking to him and housemates. Suddenly he stood up and said, "I am sorry to do this. You have disappointed every one of us outside with your stupid behaviour. Never expected such an erratic attitude from you. Despite all these shows, if you are conferred the Bigg Boss title winner, call me to the stage and give it back." On telling this, Kavin's friend slapped him unexpectedly. Losliya's face was flicked for a second, and she was awestruck with his friend's behaviour.

This incident matches Losliya's episode. Losliya's father disparaged Kavin-Losliya relationship, and it was a big scene on the other day. The similar replica should be there from Kavin's side as well to make the moments further intense. The same does happen today in the house, showcasing Kavin's friend's actions. It is okay to develop a relationship inside the Bigg Boss Game house, but there should be patience to handle the same.

Almost, every one of us would have faced similar kind of emotions at one point of time in life. Those who have manoeuvred it without reacting much would have succeeded in life. It made us walk along the road of love, anxiety and depression.

There is absolutely no harm to pursue their relationship out of the house if they really fall for each other. After all, it is their life, and nobody could question them. Showing up every time their relationship in a disappointing way is again a kind of poking into their personal. The subject is esoteric, and the real answer would be known once they are out of this show.