Kavin's Strategic self eviction could not make Losliya as Title winner

Kavin and Losliya photo
Kavin and Losliya photo

Kavin's Strategic self eviction could not make Losliya as Title winner: Big Boss season 3 finally called it a day by handing it's trophy to Mugen. But ten days before, something weird happened in the house. When the announcement from big boss came that those who would want to self evict can take the price money of Rs 5 lakh. Nobody was showing interest. In every season it happened. But there is no history of taking the price money. This time Kavin was ready to leave the show with the amount. Astonished to see this, everyone in the house was trying to stop him but in vain. Nobody was able to understand clearly, what was running in Kavin's mind?

Yesterday Kavin was conferred "Game Changer" award by Kamal Haasan. By conferring it he said, had Kavin been there in the house, things might have been upside down. He said to Kavin, "The level of strategic thinking puts me awestruck. At your age, I don't remember whether I was able to understand things in a better way. If understanding is a question, then strategy can never fall in place. You have moved the coin rightly but somewhere thing might miss out."

Kamal Haasan's these comments can be construed the following way. The couple Kavin and Losliya have big fanbase outside but compared to Mugen and Dharshan the numbers are slightly low. Either of them would be clinging the title. Someone who entered the house told about this to Kavin. Immediately he knitted a strategy that if he would self evict him, the sympathy would get multiplied and turned towards Losliya. This will increase the fan count of Losliya and she would get the chance to bag the trophy.

He also voiced out the same when he opined about his wish on title winner. He also had plans to meet his parents along with Losliya holding the title and stitch the plan of getting married successfully. But all his master plans went for a toss.

Anyways, no issues even now he could talk but his self eviction has put him into a well of disappointment. Nothing has favoured him and Mugen won the "much awaited trophy."