KGF 2 Box Office Collection: Expected 500 Crore In Its First Week?

KGF Chapter 2
KGF Chapter 2

The movie 'KGF2' starring famous Kannada actor Yash was released on April 14 and has received a great response worldwide. It is noteworthy that Tamil fans, in particular, have been celebrating the film, and the Tamil media has been giving positive reviews of the film.

Director Prashant Neil has created a screenplay that no one could have imagined, such as the Rocky Boy's Rajangam in the KGF, a fight with Adira and the climax of his entry into Parliament and firing on the side of the Indian Prime Minister.

The production company had officially announced that KGF2 had grossed Rs 134.5 crore on its first day of release across India. Globally, KGF2 is estimated to have grossed between Rs 165 crore and Rs 170 crore on its first day alone.

The KGF2 movie received the largest box office collection in many places, with screenings lasting until 1 am. KGF 2 is said to have collected Rs 97 crore to Rs 100 crore on the second day.

Yash's KGF2 movie has reportedly grossed between Rs 275 crore and Rs 280 crore worldwide in just two days. The crew is expected to make an official announcement about the second-day collection soon. Also, on Saturday and Sunday, with two holidays, KGF2 is expected to collect Rs 400 to 450 crore in the first week itself.

The fans and the movie celebrities have been watching the movie 'KGF2' and congratulating the crew on their social media site. The viewers who liked the KGF Chapter 1 will definitely like Chapter 2. The moving in roaring in theatres on its third day.