Knives Out Movie review: A Movie that Should Not Be Missed

Knives Out Movie review A Movie that Should Not Be Missed
Knives Out Movie review A Movie that Should Not Be Missed

Knives Out - almost Agatha Christie's Whodunit type new genre crime mystery movie: Knives out is a murder mystery black comedy film directed, produced, and written by Rian Johnson. It is like the world-famous mystery writer Agatha Christie's novels with many twists and turns before finding whodunnit in today's modern genre. Daniel Craig plays the detective and comedian role of the movie. The movie maintains the thrill of who is the murderer until the end with many humorous moments. It is a must-watch film with family for both thrill and humor.

Rian Johnson believing in his directorial skills of four films has also written and produced Knives Out. He chose the James Bond actor Daniel Craig for the detective role appropriately to bring life to the cameo detective who finds the murderer only in the last scene. Craig's upcoming bond movie No Time to Die is to be released the next year 2020. Since it is the 25th edition bond movie, much is expected of him and the movie. But in the meantime, he has acted well to make Knives Out a success for Rian Johnson.

The story plot is simple, but the murder mystery is too complicated even for any shrewd audience to find out the murderer. That is the directorial skill of Rian that has made Knives out a good murder mystery movie on par with the mystery queen Agatha Christie. A wealthy old novelist played by Christopher Plummer calls all his extended family members for his 85th birthday. But the next day morning, he is found dead with a slit throat.

The detective Craig humorously investigates the members of the family. Chris Evans plays the role of the grandson well and helps the storyline be live throughout the movie. During the investigation, most of the relatives have a reason to hide and kill the old man. Only with a lot of exciting twists and turns, the police and Craig find the murderer.

To know who it is, watch Knives Out in theaters for a beautiful movie experience.