KPY Bala Ambulance Gift To Vaniyambadi Villagers Gained Attention

KPY Bala Gifting Ambulance To Vaniyambadi Villagers
KPY Bala Gifting Ambulance To Vaniyambadi Villagers

KPY Bala, who is well known for his timing comedies, is gaining attention and love from all ages because of his generosity. He recently provided ambulance services to hill dwellers in Vaniyambadi town, located in Tirupathur district, which garnered love for him.

KPY Bala, apart from acting, is also involved in social welfare work, and many of us knew about this. He kept his social service secret, but one of the private channels showcased his goodwill on a  big screen in a show. 

In that way, Bala has done a lot of services such as helping the nursing home, helping poor students get an education, and buying an ambulance for the villagers who are suffering without medical facilities. So far, Bala has helped by buying four ambulances at his own expense, and now he has bought the 5th ambulance.

Saying that this 5th ambulance is very special to him, Bala has bought it for the people of a hill village near Vaniyambadi. Last November, Bala read in a newspaper that a woman who was suffering from labour pains was carried in a 7 km dolly in a village with no access to roads and admitted to the hospital. After seeing that, he decided to buy an ambulance for that village and has now done it.

If he had money, he would have given a road to that village, which does not have road facilities, but since he does not have that much money, he has only bought an ambulance. Following this, KPY Bala is going viral for his help to the villagers.