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Kuiko Full Movie Featuring Yogi Babu And Vidaarth Review

Kuiko Poster

The Kuiko movie starring Vidaarth, Yogi Babu, was released in theatres today and received an average response from the audience.

Kuiko movie Movie Story:

Yogi Babu takes on the role of an ordinary individual making a living by raising camels in Saudi Arabia. When his mother passes away in his hometown, he requests her remains to be preserved in a freezer box until he can return. Following the completion of the funeral rites, Yogi Babu decides to keep the freezer box as a poignant memento of his mother. The narrative unfolds as the presence of the freezer box begins to catalyze significant changes in his life.

Kuiko Movie Review:

Kuiko is a good family entertaining movie with bundles of comedy elements. The movie's content is unique. Even the children will enjoy watching the movie. Yogi Babu has done extraordinary acting. All the character has done justice to their role. The background music is well-made and perfectly tuned.

Love Story Kuiko Cast And Crew:

Kuiko features Vidaarth and Yogi Babu in the lead. A technical team comprises music composers Anthony Dasan and Kevin Miranda, cinematographer Rajesh Yadav, and editor Ram Pandian. AST Films LLP produces the film.

Watch Kuiko Tamil movie with family and friends in theatres to gain good audio and visuals.