Kurangu Pedal (2024) Movie Review, Children Must Watch Film

Kurangu Pedal Movie Review
Kurangu Pedal Movie Review

May 3 is keeping the theatre busy with movie releases. The most expected and well-gained attention Aranmani Part 4 is hitting the theatres today. On the other hand, Kurangu Pedal is also realised in theatres today. This movie is admired by the family audience and the children. Let us see the movie review of the Kurangu Pedal.

Sivakarthikeyan, Savitha Shanmugam and SuMee Baskaran group of producers have come together to create a children's film called 'Kurungu Pedal'. The movie is based on the short story 'Cycle' by Alagappan and is directed and written by Rasi.

Kurangu Pedal Movie Story:

The plot of the movie, set in the nostalgic 1980s in a small town near Bhawani in Erode district, brings back memories of a simpler time. The story revolves around five boys who decide to learn to ride bicycles together during their summer vacation. Only one boy can afford to buy a bicycle, and the other three boys join him. The remaining boy, Mariappan, rents a bicycle and learns to cycle by using monkey pedals since he is short.

Director Kamalakannan has depicted the process of learning to cycle as a beautiful representation of the world of children in the movie Kurangu Pedal. A few years ago, Kamalakannan directed the film Madhubaanakadai, where he talked about Marxism. 

Kurangu Pedal Movie Review:

In Kurangu Pedal, the director beautifully portrays the reality of life for children in the 1980s, a life that may seem foreign to the young generation immersed in TV, social media, mobile phones, and technologies. Yet, the essence of their experiences, their joys, and struggles, are universal and relatable.

Kurangu Pedal Positives:

The director has included several notable scenes, such as Kongu Tamil, Bhavani River, Parisal (a coracle, a round boat), and many other village details. Even minor characters are deeply embedded in our minds. The children characters have given their best at this very young age.

Actor Kaali Venkat has portrays the role of the father perfectly. His recent performances have been getting better and better. His role as a strict brother in G.V Prakash's movie "DeAr" was excellent. He is taking on more serious roles in his recent films and proving himself to be a talented actor.

The little boys have almost lived their roles and enjoyed acting, forgetting the social media. Kurangu Pedal movie is a must-watch film for the current generation of children who spend too much time on social media, smartphones and games.

This film is a must-watch for parents who give their children smartphones to keep them occupied. Few parents in this generation are making this mistake many times, with this film they will come to know how their kids childhood days can be enjoyed and how the summer vacation will keep the children engaged in the village sides.

The film might be boring to the current youngsters as there is no love, romance and action in the film. But the film can be enjoyed if watched without any expectations. Although Kurangu Pedal may evoke nostalgia for those who grew up in the 80s and 90s, younger audiences may find it difficult to connect with the movie.

Cinematographer SuMee Baskaran and sound artist Antony P. Jayaruban have done an excellent job in shaping the director's visuals.

Kurangu Pedal Neagtives:

Despite its positives, the movie Kurangu Pedal has a few negatives. When we look at the story, we can feel that certain scenes lag. Additionally, there is not much comedy in the film. Toward the end, the movie becomes more serious as the characters go in search of Mariyappa, who has gone missing.

Kurangu Pedal Cast and Crew:

Kurangu Pedal features Santhosh Velmurugan, V.R.Ragavan, M.Gnanasekar, Rathish, Sai Ganesh, Kaali Venkat, Prasanna Balachander, Jenson Diwakar and others. The movie is produced by Sivakarthikeyan, Savitha Shanmugam, and SuMee Baskaran under the banner of Sivakarthikeyan Productions. Ghibran Vaibodha composed the music.

Aranamanai 4 is also released in theatres today and receiving an average response from the audience. Watch the Kurangu pedal movie in the theatre with the family, and this will be a good visual treat for the children.