Lyricist Snehan And Actress Jayalakshmi Defrauding Money Issue

Lyricist Snehan And Actress Jayalakshmi
Lyricist Snehan And Actress Jayalakshmi

Tamil poet, politician and lyricist Snehan have filed a complaint against the serial actress in the commissioner's office for defrauding money in the name of his foundation.

Snehan is a popular lyricist in Tamil cinema. He gained attention after appearing in Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by actor Kamal Haasan. Later, he also participated in Bigg Boss Ultimate hosted by Silambarasan. Snehan entered politics with Makkal Needhi Maiam and contested in the Lok Sabha election in 2018. 

He has been running Snehan Foundation since 2015. In this case, Snegan has filed a complaint in the Chennai Commissioner's office that Chinnathirai serial actress Jayalakshmi is collecting money by starting fake social media pages in the name of Snehan foundation.

Later he met the reporters and said that a few days ago, his friends were asking for money from the general public through social media accounts in the name of his foundation. Also, over the next few days, Income Tax officials questioned him about receiving money from the public in the name of his trust.

Lyricist Snehan said. "After this, I wrote a letter to the address on the relevant website two times asking for an explanation as per the law, but no response was received. When he contacted the cell phone number in it, he said she wanted to meet him in public. When I checked the address mentioned on the website, there was one such office.

When I checked the social networking site started in the name of my foundation, Chinnathirai actress Jayalakshmi's name was there." Snehan said that he had complained to the commissioner's office to conduct a proper investigation into the matter and take immediate action so that the name of his foundation is not tarnished.

In response to this complaint, actress and BJP member Jayalakshmi has denied the allegations of Snehan. She presented the reports of Jayalakshmi and has sent notice to Snehan. She also mentioned that if Snehan did not give a Response, then actions would be taken against him.