Maha Full Movie Starring Hansika And Silambarasan Review

Maha Movie
Maha Movie

Hansika's 50th movie Maha has been released. Mathiazhagan produces the film on behalf of Etsetra Entertainment. U.R. Jameel, who worked as an assistant director to Romeo and Juliet director Lakshman, directed the film. The movie was loaded with expectations, but few fans were disappointed with its outcome.

Starring Simbu and Hansika Motwani in the film, Hansika Motwani, who plays an air hostess, falls in love with Simbu, who plays pilot Malik. They both get into a relationship and live more like living together.

Serial killers kidnap a female child born to STR and Hansika. Action Srikanth investigates the case while Hansika is secretly looking for the serial killers. Was the Serial killer found? Was the child rescued is the other part of the story.

Ghibran's music plays a major role in the positive of the film Maha. His music makes us realise that we are watching a thriller movie. Since it is a female-centric film, Hansika has nailed her performance. Srikanth has also done justice to his character. Although Simbu has popped up in an extended cameo appearance, his dialogue delivery and screen presence must be appreciated.

Only in the second half does the Maha movie run with twists and turns. The serial killer will also be revealed. Maha movie is not to an expected level. There are few loop wholes in the movie. Maha is a one-time watch crime thriller movie.

Maha movie stars Maha movie stars  Hansika Motwani , Silambrasan TR, Srikanth , Karunkaran, Thambi Ramaiah and Baby Manasvi. Watch Maha Tamil full movie in theatres from today.