Pachaiyammal Character By Manju Warrier in Asuran, Know about her

Manju Warrier Photo in Asuran Movie Poster
Manju Warrier Photo in Asuran Movie Poster

Pachaiyammal Character By Manju Warrier in Asuran, Know about her: All National award winners of direction, acting is under one roof 'Asuran' The National award winners Dhanush and Vetrimaaran joins for the fifth time after four blockbusters Aadukalam, Polladhavan and Vada Chennai.

The film 'Asuran' sets its grandeur by starring and debuting one more National Award-winning actress Manju Warrier in the lead role. Asuran's storyline is from the novel Vekkai, written by Tamil writer Poomani.

Asuran casting crew is phenomenal as usual like Vetrimaaran's choice with Prakash Raj, Balaji Sakthivel, Pawan, Pasupathy Ramasaamy, Ken Karunas, Tee Jay in supporting roles amidst G.V. Prakash Kumar musical.

Manju Warrier Debuts after 20 years: Manju Warrier debuts her Tamil filming career with Asuran. Even though Manju Warrier is a versatile actress in the Malayalam film industry, she sets her debut in Tamil co-starring Dhanush's Asuran movie after 20 years of her career.

Manju Warrier has got many opportunities in Tamil in early life; She refused everything because of date clashing for her Malayalam movies. Altogether, she is now stepping into the Tamil industry with on-screen magic creator combo Dhanush-Vetrimaaran's Film.

Manju Warrier is well known for her bold acting in Malayalam; Her Pachaiyammal character in Asuran is also one fearless role portraying as the wife of Dhanush with three sons. Vetrimaaran's movie women characters are always unique and establish a special place in people. Hope Pachaiyammal will rule our minds as well.

Manju Warrier's Personal Life: Manju debuted her movie career in 1995 with Sakshyam and Sallapam in Malayalam. She flaunted in her career till 1999. Manju Warrier married the famous Malayalam actor Dileep in 1998; They have one daughter. The couple got divorced in 2015 due to personal problems. Manju Warrier wrote an autobiography named 'Sallapam' in 2015.

Jyothika-Manju Warrier Come Back: Manju Warrier's "How old are you" is the comeback film for her in 2014. Manju and Jyothika have a connection of coming back with the same movie story in their careers. In 2015 Jyothika also came back with '36 Vayadhinile' to the Tamil industry after marriage.

Manju Warrier recently starred many hit films in Malayalam like Odiyan, Lucifer, Mohanlal and much more in the list. Tamilnadu is soon going to witness the acting queen of the Malayalam industry in the upcoming Vetrimaaran-Dhanush's Asuran on October 4.