Manjummel Boys Continues to Dominate Theatres Sets Box Office On Fire

Manjummel Boys
Manjummel Boys

Manjummel Boys has been roaring in theatres, captivating the attention of Tamil and Malayalam audiences. It is reported to have strong occupancy on weekdays and will release an additional hundred plus new theatres across TN due to overwhelming enquiry and demand for its second week.

Manjummel Boys Movie Review:

Director Chidambaram has directed Manjummel Boys as a survivor thriller story where friends go to Guna cave and get stuck in tragedy. This film is based on the true story of what happened in Kodaikanal in 2006.

The movie Manjummel Boys is well received by the audience and has garnered many positive responses. The entire movie crew has given their best for their part in the movie. The music is well merged with the visual content, keeping the audience track of what will happen next. We cannot assume what will happen next while watching the movie. 

With that director, Chidambaram proved himself to be a good director. Being movie lovers, we have seen many survival thriller films, and every director has their writing and directing style. It is doubtful that this film will attract much attention from survivor thriller fans who have watched many English thriller movies.

Manjummel Boys Box Office:

Although Manjummel Boys accredited attention among the celebrities of various film industries. Currently, Manjummel Boys is ruling the box office. In this situation, it is said that the movie Manjummel Boys will be released in an additional hundred-plus new theatres across TN due to overwhelming enquiry and demand for its second week.