Mansoor Ali Khan Apology To Actress Trisha Following Controversy

 Mansoor Ali Khan And Actress Trisha
Mansoor Ali Khan And Actress Trisha

In a recently released video, Mansoor Alikhan controversially spoke about actress Trisha while answering a journalist's question. Actor Mansoor Ali Khan has apologized, saying, "My fellow actress Trisha, please forgive me", as the police registered a case against him on the orders of the National Commission for Women.

He released the statement, "Yes if you want to suppress it, don't suppress it. Now I am telling you, forgive me. I have won the war, which was happening for a week without a knife, and bloodless. I am grateful to all the leaders, actors and media who advocated for me. My humble salutations to the people who condemned me. The Kalingathu war is over. Conscience is the Lord. 

If the law prevails, the media will chase the chickens with a vengeance!! The fourth pillar of democracy. Manipur, Hathras woman Bilkis Banu, NEET Anitha, Vachathi atrocities never question religious riots with whips. I lost all my youth in the film industry. While strolling as a whale, the characters turned out to be small fish. Please forgive me, my fellow actress, Trisha," He said.

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