Mansoor Ali Khan To Lodge Defamation Case On Trisha?

Mansoor Ali Khan Controversy
Mansoor Ali Khan Controversy

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan has said that he did not speak ill of actress Trisha and the actors association should take back its statement.

Recently, a video of actor Mansoor Ali Khan talking obscenely about Trisha went viral and created a lot of controversy. Many celebrities condemned the talks of Mansoor Ali Khan, and the posts went viral. The actors' union also issued a statement. While Mansoor Ali Khan has posted an explanation for this, he has now given an interview to reply to Trisha's post.

He said, 'I told the scene casually as an actor's character. Nothing wrong is mentioned. Trisha is a good actress. I have to file a defamation case against Trisha for saying that she will not act with me. Actors' union has made a huge mistake. It has decided arbitrarily without asking me for an explanation. 

People know who I am. BJP's SV Sekar spoke very slanderously about women. No arrests have been made in this regard. No women's association fought when a student named Anita took her own life due to an NEET examination. 

The statement issued by the Actors' Association should be withdrawn immediately within 4 hours. You should send me a proper explanation and a notice. They are making everyone angry and talking against me. Lokesh Kanagaraj does not know anything about this matter.'

It even went as far as Hollywood. In that way, I am happy. What is a rape scene in cinema. Are they really raping?.. If they are killing in cinema, are they killing.? Rape in the cinema means doing it for real? Does the association lack knowledge? Tamil Nadu is on my side. I will not be afraid of all this Poochandi. Let any authority come.

I don't care at all about that. I'm not one to bash artists. A person who can embrace everyone. He should thank me for my praise of Trisha. I am not saying anything bad about Trisha. Thus, he spoke.