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Marakkuma Nenjam Full Movie Starring Rakshan And Dheena Theater Review

Marakkuma Nenjam Movie

Rakshan, who worked as an anchor on Vijay TV, made his debut as a hero in the film Marakkuma Nenjam. This film has gathered much love and positive reviews from youngsters. This film is a mixture of love, emotion, friendship and school memories.

 Marakkuma Nenjam Movie Story:

During their school days, the protagonist Rakshan was in love with the heroine Priyadarshini. However, Rakshan failed to express his love to Priyadarshini until the end of their school days. After a decade, in 2018, they all reunited in the same school for an important reason. The rest of the story of the film revolves around whether Rakshan will finally confess his love to Priyadarshini or not.

Marakkuma Nenjam Movie Review:

Marakkuma Nenjam Movie is heart-touching and for sure it will bring back school memories. The memories will be cherished and remembered, and despite the few new cast members, we can still feel a strong connection throughout the film. We can see well-known faces, namely KPY Dheena and Prankstar, in the film, and their acting must be appreciated.

Although the plot seems to touch our hearts, the screenplay falls slightly due to a lack of strength. 90s Kids could have made it look even more interesting even though they were showing memories on screen. 

Like other movies, the humour is also not overworked in some places.  When we look into the music, cinematography and edits it is above the average level. All the characters have done justice to their role.

Marakkuma Nenjam Movie Cast and Crew:

Rakshan, Dheena, Malina, Prankster Rahul, Swetha Venugopal, Ashika Kader, Melvin Dennis, Muthazhagan, Natalie Lourds, Vishvath, Munishkanth, Akila and Arun Kurian. Marakkuma Nanjam is directed by Yoagandran Raako and is produced under the banner Filia Entertainment Pvt Ltd. & Kuviyam Mediaworks. Sachin Warrier composed the music.