March 1, 2024 Theatre Re-release Tamil Movie List

Re-release Movie Poster
Re-release Movie Poster

Re-releasing the movie has become a trend, and it is also gaining good attention among the audience. These movies are celebrated among the fans with a good vibe and fun. The negative side of this re-release of the movie is that the same movies are not re-released in all the theatres, as they are in the hands of the theatre owners and distributors.

Many movie-goers are disappointed when re-released films in neighbouring areas are not shown in their local theatre. This seems to be a big negative in this part. Billa, starring Ajith, was released in theatres last week and is roaring like its first release day. Let's know the Re-release Tamil movie list for this week, March 1, 2024.

  • Ghilli (2004)
  • Kadhal Mannan (1998)
  • Minsara Kanavu (1997)
  • Ko (2011)
  • 96 (2018)

This re-release movie can be enjoyed with family and re-call the good olden days of Tamil films. After watching old movies on mobile and on television, watching the same movie in a theatre will create a good memory.