May 3, 2024 Theatre Release Tamil Movies List

May 3 Movie Releases
May 3 Movie Releases

May 2024 welcomes the audience with a large number of movie collections. The movie trailers for the upcoming movies promise the audience a good script. The upcoming movies represent different genres that make the audience experience different emotions in each movie.

May 3 Movie Releases:

  • Aranmani 4 
  • Akkaran
  • Kurangu Pedal
  • Nadikar
  • Ninnu Vilayadu
  • Sabari

Aranmanai 4:

Aranmanai is one of the famous Tamil comedy horror movies. Aranmanai 4 was written and directed by  Sundar C like all the other parts. Sundar C delivered the Aranamai in 2014. After its success, he released its sequels 2 and 3. Now after three of Aranmanai 3, he decided to release the horror comedy movie Aranmani 4 on May 3, 2024.

Aranmanai 4 Cast And Crew:

The Aranmanai 4 features Sundar C, Tamannaah, Raashii Khanna, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Delhi Ganesh, and Kovai Sarala. Aranmanai 1 is a huge success, and the other two Aranmanai receive moderate success. 

The movie's music was composed by Hiphop Tamizha. The fans are eagerly waiting for the Movie to be released to experience the comedic horror movie in theatres.


Akkaran is a Crime thriller that revolves around the character Veerapandi. In this film, Veerapandi is a wrestler who lives with his two daughters. His life is disturbed after one of his daughters is killed by an unknown person. Veerapandi seeks revenge after the loss of his daughter. Will he be able to avenge his daughter's death?

The answer will be delivered to the audience in theatres on May 3, 2024.

Akkaran Cast And Crew:

The Movie Akkaran is directed by Arun K Prasad and stars  M. S. Bhaskar, Kabali Vishwanath, Venba, Namo Narayanan, Priyadharshini Arunachalam, and Akash Premkumar. Hari S R composed the music for Akkaran.

Kurangu Pedal:

Kurangu Pedal is a Tamil movie that brings nostalgic elements to the 80's and early 90's generation audience. The Movie trailer is beautifully crafted and shows the innocence and silly fights in childhood period. 

The movie centres on a young boy who tries to learn to ride a cycle with an adult cycle and also portrays the young boy's father struggling with him to keep him disciplined.

Kurangu Pedal Cast And Crew:

The Movie was produced by Savitha Shanmugam, Sumee Baskaran,  and hero Siva Karthikeyan, which intrigues his fans to watch the movie. The music was composed by Ghibran Vaibodha. The movie was directed by Kamalakannan. 

The movie features Santhosh Velmurugan, V.R.Ragavan, M.Gnanasekar, Rathish, Sai Ganesh, Kaali Venkat, Prasanna Balachander, and Jenson Diwakar. The Movie will be released on May 3 at Theatres.

Nadikar (2024):

The Movie shows the audience the life of the hero with elements of drama and dark humour involved in the film. The movie shows the rise and fall of the actor and how the actor's life changes due to fame. The movie analyzes the characters' life and shows the complications in a huge actor's life.

Nadikar Cast And Crew:

Nadikar is a Malayalam Movie and will also be released in Tamil language on May 3, 2024. Nadikar was directed by Jean Paul Lal. The Music and the Original Score for the movie was done by Yakzan Gary Pereira and Neha Nair.

The movie cast includes Tovino Thomas, Lal, Shine Tom Chacko, Bhavana, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Soubin Shahir, Indrans, and Anoop Menon. 

Ninnu Vilayadu:

Ninnu Vilayadu shows the life of the Jallikattu player. Jallikattu is a traditional game played with Bull and Humans. In it, the bull will be released from a gate and players should control the bull. The Players have a bull themself, which they train for Jaallikattu, and the players believe that their bull represents their pride.

The rural side of Tamilnadu is still practising the game and holding it as a big event during the Pongal Festival time. In this movie, the hero portrays the struggles faced both professionally and personally. The hero's bull Karuppan was taken away from him. Will the hero be able to find his bull? 

Ninnu Vilayadu Cast And Crew:

The star cast includes  Dance master Dinesh, Nandhana ananth, Deepa shankar, Pazha karupaiyaah, Pasanga sivakumar, Madurai kumaran, Savithri, Sangavi, and Jothi. 

The Movie was produced by M. karthick and  Co-producer by M.sarathkumar. The Music was composed by Sathya dev Uthayasankar.

Sabari (2024):

Sabari is an emotional thriller movie and the story follows the life of the lead character. The trailer gives the audience the elements of a horror movie and the story revolves around a mother who lost her child. The mother in the story tries to find her child despite all the odd struggles she is facing. 

Sabari Cast And Crew:

Sabari movie stars Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Ganesh Venkatraman, Shashank, Mime Gopi, Sunaina, Baby Krithika, Rajashri Nair, Bhadram, Phani, Krishna Teja, Prabhu, Archana Ananth, and Keshav Deepak. The Movie was produced by Mahendra Nath Kondla and the music was composed by Gopi Sundar. 

To experience the full-fledged entertainment with good visuals and audio, watch the movies in theatres. Watching movies on a piracy website is a crime.