Mime Gopi Made Cancer Children Fly As Promised In Cook With Comali 4

Mime Gopi
Mime Gopi

Mime Gopi gained attention from a wide range of audiences from the Cook With Comali 4 show. His talks and mime have attracted many audiences. He is famous for acting in many films, including Madras, Kabali, and Bhairava. 

Mime Gopi's cooking was much appreciated by the special judges during the Cook With Comali 4 shows. Most Comalis will be excited to be with him for the episodes. He was announced as the title winner in the Cook With Comali 4. He said he would spend the money earned from it on cancer patients. 

As promised, in the final episode, he takes the children suffering from cancer from Chennai to Bangalore on a flight with the help of the Thaen Mozhi Memorial Foundation in Anna Nagar, Chennai, named 'Vaan Ulaa'. For this, he had come to Chennai airport with the children. They were guided by actor and director Sasikumar.

Warm praises are showering Mime Gopi for his kind act and for doing what he promised. He made the cancer children happy and made their flight dreams come true.