Money Heist Season 5: Most Exciting Season Of All Says Jesus Colmenar

Money Heist Crime Drama Poster
Money Heist Crime Drama Poster

Spanish Crime series Money Heist comes to an end which is hard to bit Farwell for the heist. Money Heist Season 5 shooting is swaddled with the final touch, and it is said to release before the end of 2021.

Money Heist Season 6 is the most waited web series among the youngsters as it grabbed the hearts with thrill and crime with a brilliant story. Every individual who played must be appreciated for the outstanding performance.

When the spotlight turns towards the Professor, the entire actions played by him must be praised. His oscillation between the role as a professor and as boyfriend to Raquel makes the viewers feel sympathetic towards the Professor.

The first season of Money Heist gathered no fame nor gained any attention to them. It was very less to the expectation of the drama crew and cast. The hard work didn't get back the satisfaction.

Then the director decided to mold the drama so that it holds the heart of the viewers. 

In order to do that, something different must be added to the film, and the drama must get registered in the hearts of the viewers.

Jesus Colmenar decided to use a break-down strategy; Netflix acquired the rights and cut its original 15 episodes to 22 short, putting it on the list of international shows under the name Money Heist.

This worked well, and there was a hike in review and rating for the drama in the last run. The seasons popped at equal intervals, which gained worldwide attention. The cast and crew were known globally, receiving praises and calls.

The episodes became more interesting after the entry into the Royal Mint. The role of Tokyo and Nairobi in this drama is much intense as it projects the women's thoughts and feelings among the group of men. Nairobi shoots her thoughts when needed, and her character is with zero haters.

It is expected to see Lisbon, Tokyo, Professor, Palermo, Helsinki, Bogota, Marsella, Rio, Denver, Stockholm on season five, where few characters lost their lives in the early seasons. Although the characters die, the plot still survives with the underlying plan of the Professor.

Though the Money Heist seasons have a huge break in between the dramas, it provoked curiosity among the fans of Money Heist. It is a crime thriller that is to watch at any time. It will be enjoyed even after this current generation.

Money Heist Season 5 is with great expectation worldwide. As the filming is over, the fans are excited to know the release date of the drama at the same time it is to notice that it's the final season of Money Heist. It is said that Money Heist is to be remade in Korean, and Netflix had confirmed it. 

The director of Money Heist wrote in his recent post that, 'It is impossible to explain what it feels like to finish LA CASA DE PAPEL. Because it is not just a series, it's our house. Our family. Our battlefield. Our dream is achieved. It's hard to say goodbye to a four-year journey that has changed our lives, and in which we had given EVERYTHING: when we were small and when we were great, when we failed and when we succeeded, when we had almost nothing and when we had almost everything. The delivery was the same. The passion was the same. Forever. Until the end. And the end has come."

He continued, "With me, forever, I take the best team that anyone can dream of and a cast of unrepeatable actors and actresses, who are already part of my family. The last battle has been the biggest and the hardest, and we have fought it to the last breath.

Because we wanted to give you the most epic, most spectacular, and most exciting season of all. The result is for you. And for us, the journey. And without a doubt, colleagues, it has been worth it. P.D: @migusgreen, my friend, the one that we have bundled."

This caption conveyed how the years have been spent with the Money Heist family. They lived as a family throughout the filming that strengthened the bonds, and that was the output in the film.