Mr Local Review Typical Comedy from Sivakarthikeyan Rajesh Combo

 Mr Local Review
Mr Local Review

Mr Local Review

#MrlocalManiaStarts is trending today with the release of the much-awaited Mr local film from Sivakarthikeyan. As always Sivakarthikeyan aka the boy next door has hyped up his film and managed to stand out in a sea of new films released every day.

Cast and crew

The initial reviews coming in are mixed responses with some calling it boring while others praise SK’s acting and good looks. This is the first time for SK with Rajesh who is famed for his friendship and romantic comedies such as OK OK and Boss engira Baskaran. Though his recent films were not much of a hit, this film is expected to be a hit among the family audience. The reviews also confirm that this a typical Rajesh’s film with bits and pieces from his previous films.

The trailer showed us that SK is a local boy challenging the CEO of a corporate Nayanthara and the romance between them. Along with them are Yogi babu, Sathish, ‘Mottai’ Rajendran, R J Balaji and Thambi Ramaiya.

Mr Local review

Kollywood updates tweeted, “normal first half, gud entry SK, sumaar comedy” during the interval. Many praise Sivakarthikeyan’s entry but think comedy bits are too cliched. The comedy actors too are not effective in bringing out the laughter even with 5 of them on screen. This is the second time Nayanthara and Sivakarthikeyan have joined after Velaikaran. The first show crowd consisted of many children which are typical of SK’s films as most of his films are family entertainers. Some criticise SK’s rhetorical comedic one-line punches that are not working out which is a continuation from his previous film Seemaraja. Hip-hop Thamizha’s album was a hit even before the release of the film and reviews from the filmgoers to support that his album was entertaining and has complimented the film.