Music Legend Ilaiyaraajas God-Like Claim Rejected by High Court

Ilaiyaraaja Copyright Issue
Ilaiyaraaja Copyright Issue

Ilaiyaraaja filed a case against Echo Recording Company for selling his song without paying him. On April 10, in the Madras High Court, The Music Maestro claimed that 'he is above all but below god'. 

Senior Counsel Satish Parasaran represents Ilaiyaraaja,  and senior counsel Vijay Narayan represents Echo Recording Company. 

Ilaiyaraaja Is Above All But Below God

Vijay Narayan, representing Echo Recording, said, "Ilaiyaraaja thinks that he is above everybody", Parasaran said, "Yes, I am above everybody. I may sound arrogant but that is what it is... I am certainly not above God but below Him... I am above everybody."

High Court Declares Ilaiyaraaja Is Like Everyone Else 

Justice Mahadevan replied, "The musical trinity, Muthuswami Deekshitar, Tyagarajar and Syama Sastri, can claim to be above everybody but you (Ilaiyaraaja) cannot be heard to say so."

Ilaiyaraaja‘s counsel-on-record, A. Saravanan, explains the statement is said in a different context.  "The press took it in a different context. Your Lordship is aware that he (Ilaiyaraaja) never proclaims himself to be so. It is in terms of his right that the senior counsel made that statement".

Ilaiyaraaja  Song's Copyright Cases

Ilaiyaraaja filed similar copyright violation cases against Agi Music Pvt Ltd, Unisys Info Solution Pvt Ltd, and Giri Trading Company. In 2014, the High Court banned these companies from selling records that used the composer's hits.

Echo Recording Company's argument against Ilaiyaraaja 

Echo contended that Ilaiyaraaja is being granted a special moral right over the 4,500 songs he composed for more than 1,000 films between the 1970s and 1990s. And mentions that the Echo purchased the song from the movie's respective producers, and the great musician has given license to his music to other company.

Using the single Judge order, Ilaiyaraaja earned money from both the Echo Company and other companies, Echo declares.

As Satish Parasaran is not available to appear in Court, the division bench adjourned the hearing to April 24. People are waiting for the hearing to learn about the conclusion of the case.