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Naadu Full Movie Starring Tharshan and Mahima Nambiar Review

Naadu Movie

Naadu movie, starring Tharshan and Mahima Nambiar in the lead, has been released in theatres today and is receiving a wide range of positive comments from the audience. It is said that the film Naadu is based on true events.

Naadu Movie Story:

Nestled in a serene small village in the mountain, far from the chaos of urban life, harmony prevails in the small community where our hero lives. Although there is peace, the village has no proper hospital or doctors. Despite the presence of a Primary Health Centre, the harsh conditions have deterred any doctors from accepting postings, leaving the villagers with sickness.

The villagers will go for a protest, so the collector will make some arrangements for a doctor. But he will tell the villages that it is in their hands to make the doctor stay. And so, the villagers will treat the doctor like God and try their best to make the doctor stay.

As the villagers glimpse a glimmer of hope, they spare no effort in making the young doctor feel at home. Will the doctor follow the trend and leave the village after just one week, or does a different destiny await? The answer to this question is the rest of the story.

Naadu movie Review:

Naadu Tamil movie has come up with a beautiful story. This kind of movie has become very rare in recent days. Director Saravanan has made the movie as beautiful as possible. The cinematography is one of the best things to say about this movie. 

Tharshan and Mahima Nambiar have given their best in acting. They lived as real characters in the movie. Not only them but all the other characters have done justice to the film. The music is so soothing till the end of the movie. The screenplay and the music blended well in every scene.

Naadu Cast And Crew:

Directed by M. Saravanan, the movie stars Tharshan, Mahima Nambiar, Singam Puli, R.S.Sivaji, Arul Das, Inba Ravikumar and Vasantha. The music was composed by C.Sathya, with the cinematography by K.A.Sakthivel.