Nadigar Sangam Election: From Cancellation to Re-Election, All you Need to Know

Director K Bhagyaraj, Actor Vishal and Actor Naasar / File Photo
Director K Bhagyaraj, Actor Vishal and Actor Naasar / File Photo

Nadigar Sangam's new election to be conducted: Madras High Court: Chennai: The Madras High Court has ordered the cancellation of the South Indian Actors' Association election and ordered a new election to be held within three months.

The South Indian Actors Association election was held on June 23 last year. The inquiry into the case of actor Vishal in connection with the election was issued by the Madras High Court, which issued an interim injunction ordering that elections be held but not counted.

Interference of the State Government in the Nadigar Sangam:

Some members of the association have filed a lawsuit alleging that the election was not held properly and that the election should be canceled. In the meantime, IG Geetha has been asked to look after the day-to-day management of the South Indian Actors Association. Actors Nassar and Karthi filed a case in the Madras High Court demanding that the state government should not interfere in the daily activities of the actor's association.

Nadigar Sangam Election: From Cancellation to Re-Election, All you Need to Know

Justice K. Kalyanasundaram heard all these cases. He later postponed the judgment without specifying the date. In this case, the verdict of the case was issued yesterday, stating that "I have canceled the election of the South Indian Actors Association held on June 23 last year. The election of this association must be held again within three months.

He appointed retired Judge P. Gokuldas of High Court as the officer in charge of this election. He has to prepare a new voter list for the association. Thereafter a new announcement on the election should be made. The Tamil Nadu government should provide all possible assistance to conduct this election honestly and openly. The police must provide adequate protection".The ultimate authority in this election process is vested with the Election Officer, Justice Gokuldas said in High Court judgment.

On November 6 last year, the Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered the appointment of a special officer to look into the daily activities of the Actors' Association. Until the election and the appointment of new executives, this special officer may continue the official function of the Actors Association. The election must be completed within three months; the judge has thus ordered.

Support to the verdict of the High Court:

A team led by K. Bhagyaraj has welcomed the verdict of the cancellation of Nadigar Sangam Election. Producer Ishaari K.Ganesh states that "This is a victory for justice. To face an election requires at least 21 days, and the last election held on June 23, 2019, is a one-day election. We welcome the present cancellation of this kind of election. We consider justice a success. Elections must be completed soon to accomplish the work of the Actors' Association and to provide pensions to weaker actors. Ganesh also adds that their team is ready to meet whenever the election comes with a victory josh.

Pandavar Ani Plans to appeal again?

Nadigar Sangam Election: From Cancellation to Re-Election, All you Need to Know

On the other hand, The Pandavar team led by Nasser said they would appeal against the verdict. The team's Poochi Murugan told reporters stating that "The Actors' Association election was held on a court order. The election was held fairly. But canceling the election is not acceptable to us. Let us appeal to the Court against the cancellation of the election and order to count the numbers of the election held. He said we would get justice on further appeal.

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