New Reduced Netflix Subscription Details In India, Users Show Interest

Netflix New Plans
Netflix New Plans

Few are still unaware that OTT platform Netflix has drastically reduced its subscription fees in India. Netflix users are happy with this update as they can watch their favourite movies on OTT with a minimum subscription. 

No other OTT platform will come to mind other than Netflix when it comes to horror movies. Uncountable numbers of movies pop to decorate our family and friends time when signed into Netflix. Netflix is one of the famous OTT platforms that hold many Hollywood movies compared to the other platforms.

The subscription price for Netflix is comparatively high, which was one of the drawbacks of Netflix, but now even that is sorted out by the reduction of its subscriptions. By this, many new users have signed in to Netflix recently. Both the new users and the old Netflix users are benefitted from these new subscriptions.

Mobile subscription has been reduced from Rs 199 to Rs 149. The basic plan has been reduced to Rs 199, which was previously priced at Rs 499, the standard plan to Rs 499 reduced from Rs 649 and the premium plan to Rs 649 is reduced from the previous amount of Rs 799.  The ones who subscribed recently before the announcement of new prices regret subscribing earlier.

Since Christmas is nearing, the Netflix users are happy that they could have a good family time with Christmas movies and upcoming new OTT Netflix release movies. It is expected that many new users will join Netflix as the subscription fee is affordable, and when the price is shared, then it will be even cheaper for the individuals. 

Since the Money Heist has come to an end, few who have not watched the Money Heist have started watching the first episodes. Money Heist is available only on Netflix, and so it is expected that many new users will subscribe to Netflix for the reason of Money Heist.