News of Draupathi Full Movie Online Unofficial Release

News of Unofficial Leak of Draupathi Movie
News of Unofficial Leak of Draupathi Movie

Movierulz and Filmywap leaked Draupathi movie online: When one puts heart and soul to make a movie, Movierulz and Filmywap spoil the entire hard work within a fraction of time by leaking the movie online. To create migraines to the moviemakers this week, Movierulz and Filmywap leaked Mohan's Draupathi movie online within a few hours of the release today.

Draupathi, a social thriller movie, met the Kollywood silver screens today in theatres near you. The much controversy faced movie before release has received decent comments from the audiences and did not create much controversy despite the public's anticipation. Though it began with a positive note, Movierulz, and Filmywap, as usual, they spoiled the hope of moviemakers with their cyber assault.

Draupathi starring Richard and Sheela along with Karunas and many actors in the lead role plots about the problems faced and created by Richard keeping the caste and societal status as a foundation.

Prabhakaran and Draupathi are a young couple living in a village. They get a problem when they refuse a politician to dig in a bore well in their locality. The antagonist revenged on return with his power by doing marriage between Draupathi's sister and a young man of another race without their family consent.

Unable to bear the shame, the girl's father commits suicide. The villains kill Draupathi and her sister and blamed Prabhakaran. Police arrested Prabhakaran for allegedly murdering them. Prabhakaran, after getting bail, goes to Chennai, where he pretends to be a normal man but kills two people.

Draupathi's story is about who is Prabhakaran and the purpose he is killing people in Chennai.

The first half goes interesting with questionable mysteries behind like how what & who. While the screenplay is perplexing, Prabhakaran's life and the circumstances surrounding Draupathi's death are impressive. The second half is slow going, and the length is too much.

Overall, Draupathi fulfills the audience with the realism drawn screenplay but lacks in the angle of performance.

But now to set back the whole Draupathi's teamwork, Movierulz and Filmywap leaked the movie, blocking the box office collection.