NGK Movie Ticket Booking Online Reservation Madurai City

NGK Movie Ticket Booking Online Reservation Madurai City
NGK Movie Ticket Booking Online Reservation Madurai City

NGK Movie Ticket Booking: NGK is all set to release in the temple town of Madurai. Madurai is famous for decades of its movie-loving people. Like the Telugu audience, Madurai people also breathe movies, and it is their biggest entertainment. In the good old days of Tamil cinema, the collections in Madurai set standards for other centers in Tamil Nadu. Again Madurai is getting ready for the release of NGK tomorrow.

Surya-Selvaragavan combination to bring in both the masses and class seeking audiences: Madurai city surrounded by thousands of villages for whom the leading entertainment is coming to Madura to watch movies. They enjoy the film in the raw form and not go into much of its technical aspects. There is also an upper-class audience who want to see the movie for its quality and presentation. Both will be satisfied with NGK due to the Surya- Selvaragavan combination. Both the aspects to lure all kinds of audience is filled in NGK. The songs and dances along with the political storyline, will bring the masses in masse to the theaters from tomorrow in Madurai. Also, the unique directorial skills of Selvaragavan will satisfy the audiences who seek quality and expertise in movies.

Politics and Madurai are inseparable: Madurai is also the political center of Tamil Nadu. It is the birthplace of many politicians, and politics is in the blood of Madurai people. NGK is on the backdrop of politics and the Madurai people will well receive it well. And the different style of handling it by Selvaragavan and the ferocious acting of Surya will make the movie live from the start to the end. Also to satisfy the song lovers, Yuvan has done his job well of giving the best melody and a kuthu song for the youth and Surya fans entertainment.

NGK to be released in Madurai and worldwide tomorrow: Check below for theaters in Madurai for watching the great political musical drama unfold tomorrow:

Right now you can do NGK Movie Ticket Booking at

Vetri Cinemas Atmos in Villapuram

Big Cinemas – Kuruvi Karan Salai

Thanga Regal Theater

Inox Screens

Mani Impala

Sakthi Cinemas

Ambika Screen

Ganesh Screen

SDC Cinemas

Tomorrow is not only the day of celebration for the Madurai Surya fans but all the Madurai people because there is one aspect in the movie for everyone. Book your tickets now for NGK to enjoy the glory of cinema.

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