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Nivashini Crying In Solitude Without Eating After Asal Kolaar Eviction

Image Credit: Bigg Boss 6 Vijay Television

Nivashini kept crying in solitude, without eating or sleeping, thinking of the Asal Kolar. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 show is running successfully with the support of the viewers. 

This season contestants are highly competitive and are showing their talents in a great way. Shanthi and Asal Kolllar were evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 5. At the same time, GP Muthu left the house because of being homesick.

Azeem, Asal Kollar and Maheshwari were the three who were not saved till the end of the episode aired on Bigg Boss on Sunday. Kamal announced that Maheshwari was not eliminated first. Kamal then asks Nivashini who will go out. Asal and Azeem? She said Asal must stay.

Then when Kamal announced that Asal got eliminated, Nivashini burst into tears. Asal comforted her and said, "don't cry. Suppose You want to see me come out soon. I have a job outside, and I am looking at that job." Without caring too much, he happily left the Asal house.

Unable to bear the separation from the Asal, Nivashini cries and cries and mourns alone. Why am I without you? Without you, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't forget. In these 21 days, when I wake up in the morning, I will see your face. How many people are there in this house? Maybe they sent someone out. Did they get only Asal?

Nivashini was crying like a child, and now she is becoming okay. She expects to concentrate on his duties and game in the coming episodes. Even the housemates are expecting the same from Nivashini.