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November 17 Theatrical Release Movies List

Movie Posters

After the calm down of Leo's fever, the theatres are returning with the as-usual movie releases. The recently released movie Japan starring Karthi and Raghava Lawrence's Jigarthanda 2 gathered a good response from the audience.

And now, a few movies are ready for its theatrical release this Friday. The list of movies to be released on November 17 are Trolls Band Together (English), Next Goal Wins (English), The Face of the Faceless (Malayalam), Anveshi (Telugu), My Name is Shruthi - The Hidden Truth (Telugu), Spark Life (Telugu), Rajayoga (Kannada), Family (Malayalam), Phoenix (Malayalam), Kichidi 2 (Hindi), Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side B (Kannada), Chaitra - The Beginning of the End (Tamil) and Sesham Mike-il Fathima (Malayalam).

As mentioned earlier, the movies will be released in theatres tomorrow, but it is expected that Jigarthanda 2 will still gain much response from the audience until next week.

Did Robin Bus Violate The Law:

The tour buses were following the Central Motor Vehicles Act's regulations. Taxes were had to be paid separately in each state. Buses can now operate anywhere nationwide with a permit obtained online according to the All India Tourist Permit Act.

A bus given an AITP permit is subject to a quarterly tax of Rs 3,000 per seat, whereas the tax rate for a stage carriage bus is Rs 600 per seat.

The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, Sections 85(6) through 85(9), prohibit contract carriage buses from stopping at bus stands or picking up passengers en route. According to bus proprietors, the centre has loosened these regulations for All India Tourist Permits.