Oru Nodi Movie Better Than Rathnam? Review

Oru Nodi Movie Poster
Oru Nodi Movie Poster

The Movie Oru Nodi is a crime thriller released on April 26 (today) in Theatres. As the Movie title Oru Nodi suggests the narration, "Decisions taken in a split second can change one's life forever." The movie is receiving an above-average response from the audience.

Oru Nodi Movie Story:

The  Oru Nodi Movie as expected intrigues the audience with its plot. Oru Nodi starts with a complaint from a woman to the police about her missing husband. The case was taken by the hero who is a good police officer. When the hero takes action in the case registered regarding the missing husband, the case gets linked to another case. This twist in the plot keeps the audience on their toes, as they are introduced to multiple suspects in the case.

Oru Nodi Movie Cast and Crew:

The cast of Oru Nodi features MS Bhaskar, Thaman Kumar, Vela Ramamurthy, Sri Ranjani, Gajaraj, Pazha Karuppaiah, and Karupu Nambiar. The cast of Oru Nodi excelled in their acting and they justified their roles.

Oru Nodi was directed by B Manivarman. The music composer for the movie was Sanjay Manickam. The Movie Oru Nodi scores in the area of BGM and Music. The Melody songs in the movie are pleasant to hear.

The movie, "Oru Nodi", is a low-budget thriller that is sure to be enjoyed by fans of the genre. It has the potential to lead to a sequel and is definitely worth watching in theatres. Watch Oru Nodi movie in theaters to have a good visual and audio experience.