List Of OTT Release Tamil Movies June 21 2024

Movie Posters
Movie Posters

This week Ott's release includes an intriguing and different genre of movies from horror to political satire. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the movies especially Aranmanai 4.

Recently, OTT platforms like Netflix, Aha, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus Hotstar have become immensely popular for watching movies, especially considering their convenience and flexibility at home.

June Ott Releases:

  • Rasavathi: The Alchemist - Aha Tamil - June 21
  • Aranmanai 4 - Disney Plus Hotstar - June 21
  • Uyir Thamizhukku - Aha Tamil - June 25

Rasavathi: The Alchemist - Aha Tamil:

Rasavathi: The Alchemist, released in theatres on May 10, is set to release on the Ott platform app, Aha Tamil, which bought the streaming rights for the movie Rasavathi: The Alchemist. The movie will be released on the OTT app from June 21.

Rasavathi: The Alchemist Plot:

The story of Rasavathi, the alchemist centers around Sadhashiva Pandian (played by Arjun Das), a Siddha Doctor residing in Kodaikanal. His calm life takes a turn when Surya (portrayed by Tanya Ravichandran) arrives in Kodaikanal, leading to a blossoming love between them. 

However, their peace is disrupted by Parasu Raj (played by Sujith Shankar), a ruthless police inspector determined to torment them. As the plot unfolds, the movie delves into Sadhashiva's intriguing past, captivating the audience with its twists and turns.

Rasavathi: The Alchemist Review:

Rasavathi: The Alchemist is a romantic thriller that gained attention for its intriguing storyline. Yet, it is criticized for its slow pace, especially in the first half, which delays the reveal of the core plot until the latter part of the film. 

Despite this drawback, the movie manages to connect all the narrative threads in the second half, capturing the hearts of the audience with its compelling flashback sequences.

The performances of the actors in Rasavathi are commendable. Arjun Das and Sujith Shankar excel in their respective roles as protagonist and antagonist. 

Arjun Das, known for his intense roles, delivers a subtle and calm portrayal in this film. The antagonist Sujith Shankar achieved success in his role as he brings fear whenever he appears on screen, portraying a chillingly psychotic persona.

Rasavathi Movie Cast And Crew:

The Movie cast includes Arjun Das, Tanya Ravichandran, Sujith Sankar, GM Sundar, Sujatha, Ramya Subramaniyan, Reshma Venkatesh, Rishikanth, Arul Jothi, and Deepa. Santhakumar is the writer, director, and producer of the movie Rasavathi. The music composer for the movie is Thaman.S.

Aranmanai 4 - Disney Plus Hotstar:

Tammanah Bhatia and Sundar C, starring  Aranmanai 4, was released in theatres on May 3 and is now set to release on the Ott platform Disney Plus Hotstar from June 21. 

Aranmanai Movie Plot:

In Aranmanai 4, the protagonist receives distressing news from the police regarding his sister's untimely death, drawing him into a mysterious and haunted palace. 

As the narrative unfolds, the movie blends comedy and horror elements in the haunted house. The main plot is the answer to the question, Will the hero unravel the mystery surrounding his sister's death and ensure justice is served?

Aranamanai 4 Movie Review:

Aranmanai 4, a successful installment in the Aranmanai franchise, has captivated audiences with its impressive use of CGI, particularly in creating the deity Amman, which received widespread acclaim.

The movie is a blend of comedy, thriller, horror, spirituality, and emotion to create a compelling narrative. The movie highlights the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children and emphasizes the unparalleled strength of maternal love.

The first half of Aranmanai 4 strikes a fine balance between thrills and comedy, engaging viewers with its gripping suspense and well-timed humor. 

In the second half, the storyline reveals its mysteries and intensifies its horror elements. Each actor portrays their role effectively, but it is Tamannaah's character that gets attention from fans and captivates viewers with her performance.

Overall, Aranmanai 4 has received positive reviews from audiences and is a delightful entertainer suitable for watching with family and friends.

Aranmanai 4 Cast And Crew:

Aranmanai 4 movie features Sundar C, Tamannaah Bhatia, Raashii Khanna, Santhosh Prathap, Ramachandra Raju, Kovai Sarala, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, K. S. Ravikumar, Jayaprakash, Delhi Ganesh, Rajendran, and Singampuli. 

The film's music composer is Hiphop Tamizha. The Movie is directed by Sundar C who co-wrote the film with Venkatt Ragavan and S. B. Ramadass.

Uyir Thamizhukku - Aha Tamil:

Uyir Thamizhukku released in theatres on May 10 is set to release on the Ott platform app, Aha Tamil. The movie will be released on the OTT app from June 25.

Uyir Thamizhukku Plot:

Uyir Thamizhukku centers around MGR Pandi, a local citizen and cable operator inspired by the late actor and politician MGR (Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran). He earns the nickname "MGR Pandi" due to his admiration for MGR and his dedication to helping the community.

The plot takes a romantic turn when MGR Pandi falls in love with the daughter of a politician. Motivated by his love for her, he decides to enter politics himself and contest in the upcoming elections. The movie unfolds with the question of whether MGR Pandi can succeed both in love and in his political aspirations.

Uyir Thamizhukku Review:

In Uyir Thamizhukku, the main lead Ameer, known for his impactful role in Vadachennai, showcases his versatility with a satirical and humorous performance. The film uniquely balances political drama with a significant emphasis on romance, a departure from conventional narratives in the genre.

It shows the viewers concepts like meditation at a tomb, political machinations around voting machines, and actors venturing into politics,  which is a familiar reference to Tamil Nadu Politics.

The positive reviews of the movie include its well-suited casting and effective comedic timing in the first half, which blends political satire with engaging romantic scenes between Ameer and Chandini. 

However, criticisms point out that the second half of Uyir Thamizhukku falls short of expectations, lacking emotional depth due to the protagonist's predominantly jovial characterization. The film's songs are deemed below average and are described as outdated, and the narrative in some areas lacks logic.

Overall, Uyir Thamizhukku offers a unique viewing experience for political enthusiasts and provides a one-time watch for general audiences, contingent upon their interest in political themes.

Uyir Thamizhukku Cast And Crew:

Uyir Thamizhukku film stars Ameer Sultan, Chandini, Anandraj, Imman Annachi, Rajasimman, Saravana Sakthi, Mahanadhi Shankar, Subramaniam Siva, Ravi Venkatraman, and Raj Kapoor. 

The script was written by Subramaniam Siva, Saravana Sakthi, and Ameer Sultan himself. The film was directed by Adham Bava who produced the movie Anti Indian. The music for the movie was composed by Vidyasagar.