Padikkadha Pakkangal (2024) Movie Review Starring Yashika Anand

Padikkadha Pakkangal Movie
Padikkadha Pakkangal Movie

Paddikkadha Pakkangal, starring Yashika Anand, was released yesterday and delivers a good message to the audience. Fans describe the movie as an awareness movie and received a moderate review from the audiences.

Padikkadha Pakkangal Story:

Padikkadha Pakkangal's plot revolves around the heroine (Yashika Anand) who tries to get revenge for her sister's death. The movie shows how the spoiled politician's son takes advantage of his position and destroys the lives of girls. The story further details how the boys in the movie use online as an advantage and control the lives of young girls. One of the victims of the online crime is the heroine's sister. Will the heroine be able to avenge her sister's death against the powerful politicians?

Padikkadha Pakkangal Title:

The title "Padikkadha Pakkangal" means "Unread Pages". As the title suggests, the movie focuses on crime news such as rape, sexual assault, kidnap, and others, which are often printed in small sections in the newspaper. These news stories hold significant meaning in the lives of some people. The movie encourages the audience to give importance to every piece of news.

Padikkadha Pakkangal Movie Review:

The movie shows the life of an actress and the problems she faces. The story is told from the women's point of view and the problems they face in their lives. Opening up about their situations to people can only bring solutions to their problems and explain that the victims shouldn't be ashamed to speak up.


The Movie Padikkadha Pakkangal delivers a strong message to the younger audience. The actors in the movie performed well and justified their characters.

Prajin plays an important role in the movie as a cop and shows the audience a good male figure. The story strongly condemns the internet crimes that happen against women and boldly opposes the issue delivering a good message.


Padikkadha Pakkangal's movie promotion was not good, so it did not reach a larger audience. The movie lacks its advantage in the area of music, and its storytelling does not impress the audience.

The Story Connects To Real Life:

The movie seems to portray the bad things that happen in today's society. The movie can be retable to real life as many people are involved in online bullying. The story reveals the mask of the man with bad intentions behind the phone screens. People use online chatting via social media as an advantage to hurt other people and ruin their lives using their weaknesses.

The story mainly focuses on girls involved in an online scandal. The movie advises women not to reveal too much information to strangers they meet online. Additionally, the movie also advises the victims to share their problems with their parents or friends instead of hiding, so that they can solve the problem without resorting to suicide.

Yashika Anand:

Yashika Anand is an Indian Actress and Model, and she is well-known for doing glamour roles in the movie. The actress has a strong fanbase and has more than 4 million followers on her Instagram account. She worked in films including Dhruvangal Pathinaaru (2016), Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu (2018), NOTA (2018), The Legend (2022), Kadamaiyai Sei (2022), Chaitra (2023) and Double Tuckerr (2024).

The actress acted in the movie Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu (2018) which stirred up a lot of conspiracies around her. The actress was judged by some audiences, ignoring the negativity the actress chose to continue the work. 

The actress Yashika Anand's choice of a bold script was not well received by the audience, as she played the glamorous role to the maximum extent. Fans of Yashika are happy that the actor chose a scripted-oriented movie. 

Even with the strong script, the movie fails to grab the attention as Sathanam's movie Inga Naan Thaan Kingu catches the eyes of the audience. The movie is a must-watch as it educates the audience with real-life lessons.