Panic (2021) Series Trailer Review: Let the Game Of Thrill Begin

Panic American Series Still
Panic American Series Still

Are you bored of the old series on web series platforms? Here comes a thrilling teen American web series that youngsters and teenagers must watch. The series is wrapped with thrill, romance, game, and mystery.

There will be a curiosity to know the series name, which is wholly directed for the teenagers. Yes, it is Panic, the thrill vibed web series acted by the young and teens. It is created and written by Lauren Oliver based on her 2014 novel Panic.

The series stars Olivia Welch, Mike Faist, and Jessica Sula and is set to premiere on Prime Video on May 28, 2021. Oliver got the freedom to alter and edit the film as she is the author and the director of Panic.

The lead roles are handled by Olivia Welch (Heather Nill), Mike Faist (Dodge Mason), Jessica Sula (Natalie Williams), Ray Nicholson (Ray Hall), Enrique Murciano (Sheriff Cortez), Camron Jones (Bishop Mason), Jordan Elsass (Tyler Young).

The movie is screened as a narration of a story where a girl faces a challenging game for a valid purpose. The movie projects the graduated students of a rural town of Carp, Texas, where the challenging game is played as it is the only escape.

During every summer, the graduate students risk their lives opposing their seniors in a sequence of challenges that pressure them to admit their fears to win the thrill. Not only winning but also they will the owner of pounds of money. 

The game can be played by anyone, but there can be only one winner. The money doubles according to the risk of the challenge. If the game is at high risk, then the price of money will be high.

Every year teens, will lose their lives in this game, and the government would have ordered to stop the game, and the cases will be on heading. Heather would have promised that she will enter this game as it has taken the lives of many teens.

But a particular situation will make her play the game. What made her play the game? How did she play? Did she win? are the plot of this Panic series. This game will make the best friends as their competitors in some situations.

The game will be very dangerous, scary, thrilling at the same time, brainy. In order to win a series of games, the player must be tense free; that is, there must be no panic, the player must be confident in decision making.

A single wrong decision will collapse the player and pull the player into the trap. The trailer of this film itself reviews how the games will be.  Self-confidence and courage to step forward are the hints for the game.

The movie not only focuses on games but also spots the romance between the young ages. It is also a kind of prey where the players get distracted and develops feelings with the opponents.

It is very much exciting to see teens as heroes and villains. Let's watch the game being an audience from May 28 on Amazon Prime.