Parithapangal Gopi - Shuthakar Movie Hey Money Come Today, Go Tomorrow

Gopi And Sudhakar
Gopi And Sudhakar

The work of the film co-produced by Youtube fame Gopi and Sudhakar, began today with a pooja.

Gopi and Sudhakar became popular through their YouTube channel 'Madras Central', parodying contemporary political events. Later, they left that YouTube channel and started a separate YouTube channel named 'Parithapangal' where they posted various humorous videos and gained a huge fan following. Currently, this YouTube channel is followed by more than 4.33 million viewers.

Both of them, who had ambitions for cinema, planned to produce and release a film through crowdfunding. For this, they raised funds through the FundMelon app. This is said to have raised Rs 6.5 crore for the Parithapangal YouTube channel.

After getting funds from the public, they released the title look poster of the film titled 'Hey Money Come Today, Go Tomorrow'. Both of them had previously said that the film they are making has been delayed due to the Corona lockdown and that they will start this film soon. In this case, both of them are going to produce a new film together and play the leading roles. 

The work for this film started today with a pooja. It is noteworthy that this film is directed by Vishnu Vijayan, a debutant director.