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Parking Tamil Movie Acting Harish Kalyan Review

Parking Movie

Harish Kalyans Parking movie is released in theatres today, and positive reviews are coming from the audience. Harish Kalyan fans and the general audience are satisfied with the film.

Parking movie story:

Harish Kalyan and Indhuja Ravichandran are a married couple expecting their first child. They move into a new house where the floor below is occupied by a government officer, MS Bhaskar, and his wife and daughter. Both families are tenants, but MS Bhaskar has been residing in the same area for nearly ten years.

In this situation, the house has a few small parking slots. There is a competition when both want to park their car in the parking slot. In the initial days, there was no problem between Harish Kalyan and MS Bhaskar, but when Harish Kalyan got a new car, the problem arose. The problem is who will park the car in the Parking slot. Will Eshwar and Ilamparuthi sort out their problems? What are the consequences of their egos? That forms the rest of the plot.

Parking movie  Review:

The movie Parking should be appreciated for its wonderful and interesting screenplay. The writing is solid. Many scenes make us feel like a thriller movie. There are many positives in the film. The presentation and the making of the film are extraordinary. Next comes the cinematography, which is excellently made. The performance of all the characters is good.

Parking movie Cast and Crew:

Parking movie stars Harish Kalyan, Indhuja Ravichandran, M.S. Bhaskar, Rama and Prarthana. Ramkumar Balakrishnan directs this movie. The music is composed by Sam C.S., and Jiju Sunny hands the cinematography.