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Parking Tamil Movie Theatre Release On December 1

Parking Movie

Harish Kalyan's upcoming Tamil movie Parking trailer has been released. Within a few hours of its release, the trailer was viewed by many. The trailer has triggered the expectations among the fans.

The trailer conveyed the plot of the story, which is intresting; at the same time, the Parking movie concept will be new to the Tamil audience. This movie is expected to be well received by the audience compared to Let's Get Married. The parking movie trailer shows the parking trouble of the commoner living in a rented house.

The movie is expected to convey the normal life of an IT employee who buys a dream car and the problems he faces in the later days. M.S. Bhaskar has also done the lead role in the film, and by the trailer scenes, we can see that he has made a good effort to make his role realistic. Harish Kalyan has also given good acting, as always.

Parking Tamil movie stars M.S. Bhaskar, Ilavarasu, Harish Kalyan, Prathana Nathan, Rama Rajendra and Indhuja Ravichandran in the lead. The movie is directed by Ramkumar Balakrishnan and is produced by Sudhan Sundaram and K.S. Sinish. The music is composed by Sam CS. The parking movie will be released on December 1 in theatres.