Pavni Abhinay Issue, Solid Points Of Raju And Ciby In Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

After the clash in the case of Pavni and Abhinay, the Bigg Boss house has come to peace with the hugs of Pavni. Who was the one who triggered Pavni? Who pulled Pavni Abhinay topic first? Wa Raju right with his statements? These are the questions circling on social media after watching yesterday's episode.

Pavni Reddy broke out in tears after the pop of her relationship with Abhinay and Pavni. Bigg Boss house has been busy with Politics tasks for the past few days, and the task has come to an end after serious conflicts. Priyanka voiced out loud during the task, which must be appreciated. She was strong enough to shout for what she felt right.

Pavni lost her patience and came forward, expressing her anger to Ciby and Raju in front of all the housemates. Few words of hers were valid at the same time, and few words were hurtful, especially the sentence she asked Raju' " Are you, my brother? Why do you bother about me?" 

Ciby stood against Pavni with solid points and screamed for what he needed to prove. Following this, while everyone was sitting and eating together, Pavni was very upset, and Amir consoled her. Also, he said to her that even Raju is upset, talk to him.

After this, Pavni goes to Raju, hugs him and cries. Pavni then apologized and hugged everyone, including Annachi, Ciby, Akshara, Niroop and Abhinay. Even after such a huge fight, Pavni's behaviour shocked everyone at the end of the day. Pavni fans are delighted to see her character on screen.

Netizens are tweeting their views from a different perspective, considering their favourite contestants. Priyanka fans are that it's only because her conversation with Pavni made Pavni voice out loud in front of the boys so that Pavni Abhinay topic will not come again. 

On the other hand, Pavni fans say that if Raju becomes the title winner, then it will be only because of Pavni. From the sides of Raju fans, they say Raju's statements were correct, and the questions raised by Raju to Abhinay and Pavni are in the minds of a few Bigg Boss viewers also.