Pavni And Priyanka Stood Together Gathering Bigg Boss 5 Fans Support

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

The political conference task was given for this week's luxury budget task at the Big Boss house. For this, housemates Priyanka, Ciby and Sanjeev have split into three parties. Priyanka, Pavni, Amir and Abhinay are in one party, Thamarai Selvi, Akshara, Ciby, and Varun are in a separate party, Raju, Imman, Niroop and Sanjeev.

The political conference task was given in yesterday's episode. Sanjeev moved with strong talks with Priyanka for talking about equal rights in the bathroom. He also stood strong that Priyanka did not deserve to be the leader of the party. 

Following this, Bigg Boss gave the opportunity to other party volunteers to ask questions to the leaders. On hearing this, Raju told Priyanka that he was playing a safe game. That is where the initial fight began. Raju started to question Priyanka with some valid points, and then the talk got diverted back to Abhinay and Pavni topic.

Abhinay then told Raju to skip the topic, which is totally unnecessary. Pavni also tried to stop, but still, the relationship topic lingered. Speak in a private place, said Priyanka. Raju said, "Tell me about a place privately in the Big Boss house." After the issue, Pavni then cried to Priyanka about it and broke down in tears. 

Pavni asked if I had kissed Abhinay. Priyanka, who subsequently relaxed Pavani, spoke out against the opposition, saying it was disgusting. Netizens who saw this say that Priyanka was the first to talk about the relationship between Abhinav and Pavni. But still, few Bigg boss viewers speaks in favour of Priyanka.

Besides, this Raju receives good comments for his valid points during the conversations.  Fans say, "No matter what circumstances might go!! I just admire his way of trying to speak his point without shouting and trying to surpass the opposite person. Quality behaviour that needs to be appreciated."

This politics task is talking diversions with fights. Thamarai also spoke very strongly against Priyanka. Some Bigg Boss viewers are not supporting Priyanka because she was the one who triggered a few issues inside the house. At the same time, she stood and voiced out in many situations where it was necessary.

Following yesterday's episode, today's promo is released in which Pavni hugs Niroop and Raju with a peace note and all the contestants dine together. It is expected that Niroop will get eliminated this week as his votes are low compared to the other contestants.