Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Pavni Feels Jealous Over Varun By Knowing His Offer

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 weeks are passing with the Pancha Bootham task. The task is based on the five elements Sky, Air, Water, Fire and Land. The contestants were playing hard to take the coins. And finally, Fire coin was with Isaivani, Niroop had Land, Pavni had Sky, Suruthi had Air, and Varun had Water.

Since Suruthi got evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 5, her Air coin was destroyed, and no one could use it. The coin brought much chaos inside the house. Each week one element will be used, and the coin holder will rule the particular part of the house.

Isaivani, Niroop and Pavni made use of their coin in the past three weeks. And now it's Varun's chance to make use of the coin. Varun, who owns a water coin, has been given the house-ruling power this week. Thus Varun can dominate the bathroom area throughout this week. A sofa has been put up near the bathroom to make it comfortable for him to rule the housemates. 

If a housemate wants to walk into the bathroom area and go to the bathroom, the person can only get in after completing the task given by Varun, and he has the right to punish the person who does not do the task properly. Not only this, he can stop the use of Water in the bathroom area at any time.

If the Water in the bathroom area is put off, the housemates should catch the Pipe water in the garden area, so if there is no water in the pipe, the housemates can cycle on the bicycle which is kept near the pipe and use the Water. The Water must be filled only by holding the bucket kept near the pipe. 

Varun has got many interesting offers as he holds the water coin. Pavni is a little disappointed with this because she didn't get such offers during her role. And so she says that Bigg Boss is being partial. Varun keeps Priyanka as his assistant, Imman Annachi as his guard, and Raju as his cook.