Pokkiri Re Release In Theatres On Vijay 50th Birthday

Pokkiri Rerelease
Pokkiri Rerelease

Pokkiri movie starring Thalapathy Vijay is getting a re-release on June 21 to celebrate the actor's 50th birthday. Movie lovers are happy about the update as it was one of their favorite Vijay movies.

Pokkiri (2007) Rerelease:

Pokkiri movie was a remake of the Telugu movie Pokkiri. Pokkiri was a huge success and brought more attention to the actor from the other states.

Pokkiri movie is set to rerelease in theatres on June 21 to celebrate Thalapathy Vijay's birthday. The actor was turning 50 on June 22, to celebrate his birthday, the Pokkiri movie is getting a re-release.

Pokkiri Plot:

Pokkirii is a combination of comedy, romance, and action. Tamizh (Vijay), a criminal, falls in love with Shruthi (Ashin), and she returns the feeling but hates his violent behavior. Later, Tamizha's true identity is revealed. What is his true identity? And why did he hide his true identity and mask as a Pokkiri? is the rest of the story.

The title Pokkiri is a man with no job and doing silly fights. In this movie, Vijay is introduced as Pokkiri who is not responsible and will get in fights for money. Pokkiri gets more interesting after the entrance of Prakash Raj's character.

Pokkiri Success:

The movie is a hit both commercially and story-wise. Pokkiri movie was a super hit crossing over 75 crores worldwide. Fans love the movie upon its release and eagerly wait to rewatch Pokkiri in theatres on June 21

Vijay's acting for Pokkiri is at the point. Asin was portrayed as a charming young girl who attracted the audience with her acting skills and the chemistry between the couple worked out well. The other actors also performed well in the movie. The movie is packed with action scenes and that was also presented well.

Vadievel has a small segment in the movie for comedy which worked out well. The actor's dialogue delivered in the movie was still used in memes and among youngsters. All the songs in the movie were also hit and are still catchy to hear.

Pokkiri Movie Cast And Crew:

Pokkiri movie is based on the Telugu film Pokiri (2006). The movie cast includes Vijay, Asin, Prakash Raj, Vadivelu, Nassar, Anandaraj, Sriman, and Nepolean. The movie was directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by S. Sathyaramamoorthy. The music director for the movie is Mani Sharma.

Ghilli Re-Release Success:

Ghilli was also one of the successful movies and gave career growth to the actor. The movie turns out to be a fan favorite. In this case, Ghilli movie was rereleased on April 20, for its celebration of 20 year anniversary.

The Ghilli re-release was a huge success as the movie is loved by audiences and captivating hearts across the board. The movie was enjoyed by fans and common audiences with the storyline.

Upon its re-release, fans transformed the theater into a lively concert, joyfully singing along to the songs and cheering during famous dialogues. The movie was welcomed by viewers of all generations, from seniors to children, and the film's reception highlights its widespread popularity.

Like Pokkiri, Ghilli was also the remake of the Telugu movie Okkadu starring Mahesh Babu. Both movies were successful and helped him to develop his career. Now, the question is, Will the Pokkiri re-release overdo the Ghilli re-release celebration?