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Por Movie Review: Kalidas Jayaram and Arjundas Teams In Violent Action

Por Movie Poster

The Por movie, directed by Bejoy Nambiar, starring young heroes Kalidas Jayaram and Arjundas, is released in theatres today. The film has gathered the attention of college students.

Por Movie Storyline:

Por movie depicts the life of two college students and their fresher and senior fight. At the heart of a cultural festival, the rivalry between two intimate friends comes to the forefront, triggering clashes among students representing different college batches. As commotion occurs, their behaviours set off a campus-wide disturbance, creating a window of opportunity for a political faction to capitalize on the turmoil. What is the reason behind the clash? Who triggered the clash between Kalidas Jayaram and Arjundas? How will the class end? Answers to these questions are the key plot of the movie.

Por Movie Review:

The key positive of the movie is its background music, which merges well with the action scenes. The cinematography is well-made, and the shots are visually appealing on large screens. Kalidas Jayaram and Arjundas recalled their college days and almost lived their life as a college student once again. The female characters have added strength to the lead roles, which made the Por movie gripping in specific scenes. Comedy has also worked well in needed scenes.

When we look at the negative side of the film, too much violence is a little disturbing in the second half of the film. Other than this the movie is well made.

Por Movie Cast And Crew:

This movie stars Arjun Das, Kalidas Jayaram, Sanchana Natarajan, and Ajaey Nagaraman as leads. Bejoy Nambiar directs the film. Notably, he is the director of David movie, starring Vikram. The songs are super hits. It was produced by Prabhu Antony, Madhu Alexander, and Bejoy Nambiar under the production banner T Series.