Actor Prakash Raj: Prakash Raj Married His Wife Pony Verma Again

Prakash Raj family
Prakash Raj family

Actor Prakashraj married actress Pony Verma again so that his son can witness their marriage. He has shared the beautiful pictures on his Twitter page, which is going viral on social media.

Actor Prakashraj married actress Lalita Kumari in 1994. They have two daughters, Magna and Pooja. But in 2009, Prakashraj and Lalithakumari got divorced due to misunderstandings. It is said that they both divorced because of his relationship with Pony Varma.

Subsequently, in 2010, Prakashraj married a dancer and a choreographer named Pony Verma. They have a son named Vedant. Prakashraj posted a lovely post on Twitter yesterday, August 24, following their 11th wedding anniversary.

In it, thank you to my loving wife, who has been travelling with me for 11 years. He has posted that she is travelling with me as a wonderful wife and best friend.

He tweeted, "We got married again tonight..because our son #vedhant wanted to witness it. Family moments #bliss." and in another post, he mentioned," "It turned out so right.. for strangers in the night".. thank you, my darling wife .. for being a wonderful friend.. a lover and a great co-traveller in our life together..#happyweddinganniversary @PonyPrakashraj."

Many wishes are dropping in the comments box, and the tweet is being retweeted and liked by many.