Priyanka And Thamarai Selvi Fight For Capitancy in Bigg Boss Tami 5?

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 added spice with the reentry of Abishek Raaja. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 has crossed 50 days with many interesting and unexpected twists and turn.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 began with eighteen contestants, namely Raju (Mimicry artist), Isai Vani (Gaana Singer), Namitha Marimuthu (Transgender Beauty Queen), Mathumitha (Costume Designer), Abishek Raaja (Youtuber), Priyanka (Anchor), Abhinay (actor), Pavni Reddy (model), Chinna Ponnu (Folk Singer), Nadia Chang (social media star), Varun (actor), Imman Annachi (anchor), Suruthi (model), Akshara Reddy ( model), Iykki Berry (singer), Thamarai Selvi (Folk singer and folk artist), Niroop (acting aspirant), Ciby (actor).

When the days passed, the nomination process was held, and the eviction on processes. Nadia Chang was the first Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestant to get evicted. Following her, Abishek Raaja, who was a good content provider, got evicted from Bigg Boss house. Then Chinna Ponnu and then. Suruthi and in the last week Madumitha got evicted from Bigg Boss house.

Akshara, Pavni, Thamarai Selv, Ciby, Imman, Abhinay, Isaivani, Ikkyi and Niroop were among the nine nominees for the list last week. In yesterday's episode, Isaivani gets evicted, and she gives the coin to Abhinay.  

Holders of this coin will be given the opportunity to choose someone else to replace them if they are in the nomination. But so far, no one has made use of the coin during the nomination process. It is noteworthy that despite having a coin with Sruthi earlier, she left without taking advantage of that opportunity.

Following the wildcard entry and eviction, the promos for today's episodes have been released. The promo screens as if Thamarai Selvi and  Priyanka engage in a fight for this weeks captaincy. Thamarai asks Priyanka why she said she did not deserve captaincy.

Priyanka, do you want to fix the bitterness in this house only when the opportunity arises? She says fix it as soon as possible. The fight looks like a normal clash, but only the episode will reveal what happened. It is expected that Thamarai Selvi will get engaged in more fights in the upcoming days too. In the initial days, Thamarai Selvi said that she would not be engaged in any kinds of fights as she was not used to it.