Priyanka Made The Episode Terrific With A Prank In Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Bigg Boss Tamil 5
Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is more in talks with the happenings of yesterday. In order to give content, the Bigg Boss show moves to be a prank show instead of the reality show. Fans are pouring out their comments on social media.

In yesterday's episode, the clash between Thamarai Selvi and Priyanka heated up. While watching the promo, most of the fans expected that the clash initiated between Priyanka and Ciby. But only after watching the show it was known that it was a complete prank to bring the emotions of Thamarai Selvi.

Another level highlight is that Priyanka played this game, knowing what would trigger the anger of Thamarai. Raaju and Annachi came to know that it was a prank when Priyanka tried to make Thamarai angrier. Akshara, unaware of the prank, went to support Thamarai Selvi. The prank was then revealed, but later the real fight burst out.

Thamarai Selvi voiced out loud against Priyanka. The housemates gave their points on the incident that happened in the task. Thamarai Selvi couldn't accept that it was just a task. In the end, she cried, taking the happenings personally.

The most valid point against Thamarai Selvi was shooted out by Ciby and Sanjeev. Thamarai Selvi is a person who wants to more details in depth about ac content, but in some cases, she will be emotionally connected. And in some cases, she will take a task as a game. Instead, she will connect it with her personal, which is a huge drawback with her.

The only question that runs in the fans' minds is why a prank concept came in a News Channel and why Thamarai Selvi exploded for small issues. After watching yesterday's episodes, the Thamarai fans and Priyanka fans are going for and against on social media. Priyanka still gained good attention by her words she spoke against Thamarai Selvi by means of the task.

The memes in favour of Priyanka with the hashtag pika is spread on social media. On the other hand, encouraging and positive words are flowing for Thamarai Selvi. Anyways the yesterday's fight was good to watch being viewers after knowing it was a prank. Viewers are in question whether to believe in promos again after watching yesterday's episode.