Pushpa 2: The Rule Movie Updates Makes Allu Arjun Fans Excited

Pusha 2  Poster
Pusha 2 Poster

Pushpa: The Rule is one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2024. The First Single is about to be released on May 1 on the occasion of Labor Day. This makes Pushpa movie lovers happy over the official update of the song release.

Pushpa 2: The Rule First Single Release Rumors:

There are rumors that the makers of Pushpa 2: The Rule are set to release the first single in the first week of May.  To put an end to the rumors, the Pushpa Movie Team took matters into their own hands and announced the release date of the First single release. 

Pushpa 2: The Rule First Single Announcement Video:

The announcement confirmed the trueness of the rumor. The Pushpa 2: The Rule's first single will be released on May 1.

The First Single announcement comes with a 20-second video with background music that repeats the Movie title multiple times. The video shows Allu Arjun's fingers, with rings on three and one painted with nail polish. The detailing in the promo video showing Allu Arjun wearing a saree and painting his nails with nail polish intrigued the audience.

The songs in Pushpa 1: The Rise were hits, and expectations are high for Pushpa 2's music and BGM. Fans are waiting for the movie to be released in Theatres on August 15, and the song update adds extra hype to the movie.