Raghava Lawrence unveils about CoVid in his orphanage and Thanked Minister SP Velumani

Raghava Lawrence with his orphanage kids.
Raghava Lawrence with his orphanage kids.

Chennai: CoronaVirus is knocking every door since December, and Raghava Lawrence is not an exemption in this case. Yes, Lawrence explained the CoVid infection in his orphanage via twitter.

Lawrence has been providing welfare assistance in a number of ways since the corona threat began. He continued to post on social networking posts about his help and many praised his work on several social platforms.

A few days ago, there were reports that 21 of them were infected and isolated due to CoronaVirus in Lawrence's orphanage located in Ashok Nagar. To clear the doubts regarding the rumors of his disease-prone orphanage in recent times, Choreographer Lawrence posted a letter on his social networking site on May 28, referring to the home affairs of his orphaned children.

Inside the letter, Dance Master cum social well-wisher stated that "I hope the services I perform will protect my children. My sincere thanks to Minister SP Velumani". He also said to his friends and fans as "You all know I run a charity for orphans. A few weeks ago, some babies acquired the flu. In the test, 13 children, three employees and two transplant workers were diagnosed with CoronaVirus disease, which saddened me to the core".

But after talking to doctors, they said that they were doing well with the significant improvement in children's health. Their fever has subsided and temperatures have regained. It has been said that they will soon be discharged once the virus is negative.

My thanks to Local Administration Minister SP Velumani, who immediately helped me in this situation. He also conveyed his vote of thanks to Minister of Health Vijayabaskar and P.A. Ravi and Corporation Collector Prakash, saying that "I hope the service we do will protect my children. Pray for the children soon.