Rail (2024) Tamil Movie Review Leading Kungumaraj Muthusamy

Rail Movie Review
Rail Movie Review

Rail Tamil movie released in theatres on June 21 getting moderate reviews from the movies. This movie speaks about the degradation that happens to the northern Indians faced in Tamil Nadu.

Rail (2024) Plot:

Rail movie shows two different characters Muthiah and Sunil, and this movie is set in a town in Tamil Nadu. The film presents the characters Muthiah and his wife Chellamma to the audience and addresses him as an irresponsible person and an alcoholic who works as an electrician. 

On the other hand, the movie introduces Sunil, a north Indian person who is opposite Muthiah, a responsible, hardworking, and good person who resides opposite Muthaih and Chellamma.

Muthaih grows jealous of Sunil as he has a better life than him and he blames him for his unfortunate lifestyle. In a tragedy, Sunil loses his life, and what happens is the rest of the story.

Rail Movie Review:

Rail movie takes a Northern Indian and Southern Indian character as an example and portrays the problems and mentality of a Tamil person towards a North Indian. 

Rail Movie Name Change:

The movie was originally titled Vadakkan which refers to the Northern Indian but the words are mainly used to bully and discriminate against the Northern Indian people nowadays. Due to censorship issues, the movie's name changed to Rail (Train) which is their mode of transport to Tamil Nadu.

Rail Characters:

The main characters in the movies are Muthaih, Chellamma, and Sunil. In this movie, Muthiah and Chellamma are married but they are not in a loving relationship as Muthiah is irresponsible and Chellamma is not even ready to have a child with an unsteady husband. 

Muthiah has a friend who hypes him and ill talk with him and blames society and Sunil for the misfortunes but the movie does not answer the question of what is the purpose of his ill talk against Sunil. 

Meanwhile, Sunil and Chellamma bonded as a brother and sister relationship Which is beautifully portrayed in this movie.

Rail Movie Ideas:

Muthiah idea in the movie is he is jobless because a North Indian immigrant takes the job from the natives and hates him for living in his town. 

This was an ideal problem faced across the world when an immigrant resided in other places, the natives started to hate them for entering their place. The movie details this in a scene where a friend of the hero enters and talks about his life in Dubai which acknowledges the issue in Widerview.

The movie has a good script and tries to deliver a good message lacks in the area of narration and character description. The audience cannot connect with the characters as the characters as simply introduced as alcoholics and have no reason for it. 

The movie speaks about the Northern Indian immigrants but does not describe the reasons for the arrival and wage difference which is the primary reason for the hate.

The actress who played Chellamma excelled in the role and other characters acted according to their roles. The music for the movie did justice in some areas. The cinematography for the movie is quite outdated and does not match the modern-day vibe. Overall, the movie has a meaningful plot and needs to improve in the area of presentation.

Rail Movie Cast And Crew:

Rail movie cast includes Kungumaraj Muthusamy, Vairamala, Ramesh Vaidya, Parvez Mehru, Shamira, Kodchadaisendhil, Vairam Patti, Pindu, and Vandana. The movie was directed by  Bhaskar Sakthi and produced by M.Vediyappan. The music director for the movie is S.J.Jananiy.