Raju Gives The Best Advice To Thamarai Selvi In Bigg Boss 5 Today

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Raju advices Thamarai Selvi
Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Raju advices Thamarai Selvi

By noticing Suruthi's behaviour in Bigg Boss Tami 5 Episode 26, the fans started to support her and pour love which made #suruthi go trending. Thamarai Selvi is no more an innocent says the viewers.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 show started on October 3 with a grand ceremony. Eighteen contestants entered inside the Bigg Boss house. The first week was all about knowing each other and the second week was also boring but the third week was comparatively better than the previous week.

The entered Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestants are Raju (Mimicry artist), Isai Vani (Gaana Singer), Namitha Marimuthu (Transgender Beauty Queen), Mathumitha (Costume Designer), Abishek Raaja (Youtuber), Priyanka (Anchor), Abhinay (actor), Pavni Reddy (model), Chinna Ponnu (Folk Singer), Nadia Chang (social media star), Varun (actor), Imman Annachi (anchor), Suruthi (model), Akshara Reddy ( model), Iykki Berry (singer), Thamarai Selvi (Folk singer and folk artist), Niroop (acting aspirant), Ciby (actor).

There was no elimination in the first week, but still, Namitha Marimuthu walked out of Bigg Boss, and it disappointed her fans. The nomination began in the second week, and Nadia Chang got eliminated, and then in the third week, Abishek Raaja got evicted. His eviction was a bit shocking for the viewers and also for the housemates.

After the eviction of Abishek Raaja, the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestant Priyanka is playing her game well inside the house. Most of the contestants are playing their individual games inside the house. Suruthi was one among the contestant who was playing her game individually, but her game twisted while she took the coin from Thamarai Selvi.

The fight ended up in misunderstanding and tears. Pavni is losing her fan base by her recent activities inside the house. Pavni is mostly involved in other housemates' problems. She often manipulates and lies to prove her right. Her talks with Raju sprouted many controversies on the internet.

The fight between Suruthi and Thamarai Selvi has not come to an end. Suruthi is still worried about the words spoken by Thamarai Selvi, whereas Thamarai Selvi has paused the topic. In today's promo, she said that she wanted this topic to be discussed with Kamal Haasan. In recent days Thamarai Selvi behaviour is slightly irritated many viewers.

Especially in yesterday's episode during the City vs Village debate. Thinking it was the perfect timing to voice, Thamarai Selvi started to speak point Suruthi. She said that she dislikes Suruthi's dressing. Surithi gave a good reply for that, and even Ciby put the words forward to support Suruthi.'

Thamarai's point was invalid because no one can judge the other dressing sense. By the way, Suruthi has not dressed awkwardly so far inside the house. By noticing the recent behaviour of Thamarai Selvi, the viewers can easily observe the changes in Thamarai Selvi's behaviour.

In the last promo released by Vijay Tv, Raaju gives the best advice for Thamarai Selvi from the point of the viewers. By speaking aloud, there comes no solution. Thamarai Selvi's talks often end up with arguments in the last two episodes. Now, Thamarai Selvi wants to go out of Bigg Boss house.